Why Us?

Why Choose All Seasons HOA Management?

When your home-owners association in Park City or anywhere else nationally joins All Seasons HOA Management, you gain access to all the tools, expertise, procedures, systems, and resources at our disposal. Your association becomes part of a group of mindfully operated and carefully safeguarded properties that enjoy the finest management experience. Below is a sampling of the benefits you will receive when you partner with us.

By Park City Locals, For Park City Locals

With over 100 years of collective experience in HOA management, All Seasons knows the demands associated with a resort town area. Such a unique area requires a unique expertise. Our team is made up of Park City locals who are equipped to handle anything. From record-breaking snowfalls to historic heatwaves, we've seen it all. Our homes are here too, we'll treat yours like our own.

A Return on Your Investment

You work hard for your money, just like All Seasons will work hard for your HOA. Your money should be spent where you want it, that's why ASHM has helped our clients save over $1,000,000 in operating costs. In 2012 within our first year of management,we helped the Sundial Homeowner's Association save over $200,000 in operating costs through labor cuts and operational efficiency improvements. In 2019, we assisted our entire portfolio of clients in saving over $1,000,000 in natural gas costs by moving to a more favorable contract solution. This is just the tip of the iceberg in ways we can help your HOA save money and improve efficiencies.

HOA Owner Portal

Each unit owner receives access to a secure, encrypted web portal that allows them to pay association dues online by eCheck or credit card. The portal also serves as the communication hub for each property, including updates on upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, budgets, and other important association details. Board members are able to review the financial status of the association 24-hours a day, including income statement, balance sheet, and bank account details through the HOA portal.

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Two Teams,

Two Companies

At All Seasons HOA Management, our staff is 100% committed to serving your community. Discount management service providers often spread themselves thin trying to be a one stop shop, and housing too many services under one roof. We are pleased to offer additional vacation rental management services through our sister company, All Seasons Resort Lodging. Aside from sharing a name and an office space, duties of our two companies are kept entirely separate. Our staff is ready to give your community our undivided attention.

HOA Services Specifically Tailored to Your Association

It would be impossible to list everything we provide in terms of HOA management services, because each association needs something a little bit different. We know that each HOA is unique, as are the owners that make up each association. Despite their differences, however, we believe that all HOAs have three central priorities in common: owner communication, competitive HOA fees, and property value growth. All services listed below are included in our management fee, unless otherwise indicated. Our services are fully customizable to meet the demands of each association.

Capital Reserve Planning

  • Review capital reserve on an annual basis
  • Establish and update each capital item’s life expectancy and replacement cost
  • Provide a programmed/preventative maintenance schedule

Accounting Functions

  • HOA receivables and payables
  • Interest-bearing accounts for funds held longer than a month
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Condominium certifications
  • Real estate document management
  • Annual budget creation
  • Monthly P&L and balance sheet
  • Annual HOA audit (independent accounting firm fees billed to HOA)
  • Yearly tax preparation (independent accounting firm fees billed to HOA)
  • Owner notifications and paperwork for liens and foreclosures processed as needed (Processing fees are billed to the individual owner or HOA where appropriate)

Management Oversight

  • Weekly property reviews
  • Quarterly full inspections
  • Quarterly HOA report cards
  • HOA attorney coordination for legal matters (legal fees paid by HOA)
  • Thorough knowledge of property governing documents

Contract Negotiation

  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Elevator maintenance and repair
  • Garage door service
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Plant care
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Entry mat service
  • City and county building compliance
  • Police and fire department liaison
  • Alarm company liaison

Owner Relations

  • Dedicated communication liaison
  • Custom website hosting community documents, newsletters, owner services, and more
  • Full-service meeting hosting
    • Meeting packets, notice of meeting circulation, meeting minutes, meeting recording
  • Newsletters and property updates

Daily Property Walks

  • Professional maintenance staff (labor billed under HOA budget)
  • Checklists designed to frequently assess property maintenance and cleaning needs
  • Employ an on-staff certified pool operator
  • Inspect and service routine functions (common area water feature upkeep billed to HOA)
  • Comply fully with city and county ordinances » Liaise with county inspectors
  • Purchase and inventory required supplies and equipment (supplies are billed to HOA)
  • Contract with vendors for professional repairs as needed

Through a thoughtful and complete review of your property needs, our management team will help provide direction in shaping the future of your HOA. Whenever possible, all work is completed by our skilled professionals and the management team. For work requiring specialized skills or advanced certification, we research and select a variety of professional contractors and other service providers in the Park City area with a demonstrable history of success working with other HOAs. When feasible, multiple bids for specialized work are presented to the HOA Board of Trustees for consideration before proceeding with work.